USG – an examination valuable in various medical fields.


An ultrasound examination enables to examine the tissues. It is a method having many assets. Most of all its characteristic is its high accuracy with a non-invasiveness. Thanks to the USG examination it is possible to detect really minor pathological changes in the area of a specific organ.

An ultrasonography examination is useful for many medical specializations. For example in the gynecology an USG diagnostics enables to observe the development of the child on the particular stages of pregnancy and to visualize the fetus as well as helps to efficiently detect any defects. With the help of the ultrasonography it is possible to examine the urinary, nervous systems as well as the particular organs such as kidneys, liver or pancreas. A popular examination of the abdomen is used for example in case of the pain of the unknown origin. After that we quickly obtain the answer what was its cause. Also this form of the diagnostics can be used for a precise eye, thyroid or ear examination. It can be applied in case of children or even infants thanks to which the ultrasonography diagnostics acts a great role in the neonatology because of it safety. It is safe for the adults as well. A doctor must only customize the examination method to the specific parameters of the tissue which will be observed.

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